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Our experienced staff has unique technical and management skills to develop and manage your diversity programs. We develop, implement, administer and monitor Disadvantaged, Minority and Woman Business Enterprise (D/M/WBE) programs. These programs are developed for the inclusion of all ethnic groups in the procurement processes of public and private organizations.


  • Develop comprehensive programs to encourage D/M/WBE participation

  • Assist in the design, innovation and implementation of diversity initiatives

  • Implement accountability procedures that allow monitoring of D/M/WBE participation and goals 

  • Prepare monthly reports detailing D/M/WBE inclusion on desired/designated projects

  • Act as liaison to D/M/WBE firms 

  • Provide educational workshops to promote clear understanding of D/M/WBE programs 

  • Provide notification to D/M/WBE community of key bid opportunities 

  • Organize effective Minority Business Advisory Council

  • Provide assistance with obtaining Minority Certifications at Local, State and Federal Agencies

  • Conduct specialized research for Availability & Disparity Studies

  • Monitor the performance of subcontractors performing under prime contractors

  • Resolve any D/M/WBE subcontractors/vendor issues that arises during the contract performance period

  • Provide coordination for any third party audits

  • Provide daily contract compliance monitoring

  • Ensure and monitor the percentage of D/M/WBE participation against the committed goal

  • Provide assistance in securing new D/M/WBE subcontractors 

  • Operate an established mentoring and educational training program for prospective subcontractors.

  • Monitor federally mandated employment statistical requirement on Federally-funded projects

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